Saturday, 12 October 2013

Jings crivins help ma boab

Ah, sitting down waiting for dinner to cook....

Things I have learned this week
1. Heat is not my friend anymore. It makes wee people and big people grumpy and deprives everyone of the elixir of life (AKA sleep).
2. Morning smiles reverse, all be it temporary, the negative effect of sleep depravation.
3. Milk teeth pack a punch. Do not be fooled people. If you are considering applying Bonjela to milk teeth may I suggest using a gauntlet.
4. How come Actimil dissolves really easily and doesn't increase the volume. Now I'm no physicist but...
5. Code brown's are something to be shared. Only this evening YM was heard to comment "jings, crivins, help ma boab! Would you take a look at that!!".
6. I can go for family walks and sing out load and simply attract adoring smiles. Actually they may have been sympathetic smiles towards my companions. Sympathy smiles are fine by me. Like sympathy sex. Is there any other kind?
7. We are not impotent. 'The shiny', to see ones reflection, is important (a 'shiny' is anything which is expensive and reflective i.e. an iphone
8. Joy is contagious. It should be shared. There is enough unhappiness going round.
9. Phones should be on mute by 7pm and the adults in the household must draw up a roster to manage the land line and be responsible for not allowing it to ring more than once.
10. It really is the simple things in life.....

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